Out-of-State Issues & Answers

Nevada residents who received a citation in another state – Contact the court of jurisdiction as listed on the citation for possible plea bargain arrangements. Any conviction will become part of your Nevada driving record. Out-of-state convictions do not generate demerit points.

Residents of another state who received a citation in Nevada – Contact the court of jurisdiction as listed on the citation for possible plea bargain arrangements. Nevada courts may or may not accept out-of-state schools.

If you have already paid the citation or have been convicted of an offense, you should contact your home state DMV for their policy on demerit points and traffic safety schools. See Links to All 50 State DMV’s. There is no need to contact the Nevada DMV.

Traffic Safety School

If you have accumulated between 3 and 11 points you may have 3 points removed by completing a traffic safety course only if the course is not part of a plea-bargain agreement with a court of law. If the course is required to complete a plea bargain with a court, no credit is given.

The school must be one of those approved by the DMV. You may attend traffic school only once in a 12-month period to remove points from your record.

Attending traffic safety school removes 3 demerit points. However, the record of the conviction remains part of your driving history.

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Nevada Cell Phone Law

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Nevada law prohibits hand-held cellphone use and texting while driving. The fines are $50 for the first offense in seven years, $100 for the second and $250 for the third and subsequent offenses. Fines are subject to doubling if the offense occurs in a work zone.

The first offense is not treated as a moving violation. Second and subsequent offenses carry 4 demerit points. See Traffic Laws for more.

DMV Offenses and Point Values

The following is a partial list of traffic violations, showing the demerit points that are assigned to your driving record. If you have a Commercial Driver License, there are additional penalties for some violations and additional demerit points may be assigned.

Reckless Driving 8 Speeding
Careless Driving 6 1 – 10 mph over posted limit 1
Failure to give information or render aid at the scene of an accident 6 11 – 20 mph over posted limit 2
Following too closely 4 21 – 30 mph over posted limit 3
Failure to yield right-of-way 4 31 – 40 mph over posted limit 4
Passing a school bus when signals are flashing 4 41 mph or more over posted limit 5
Hand-held cellphone use or texting
  (2nd and subsequent offenses)
4 Prima Facie speed violation or driving too fast for the conditions 2
Disobeying a traffic signal or stop sign 4 See Violation Codes for a complete list
of offenses and points.
Impeding traffic, driving too slowly 2
Failure to dim headlights 2